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Over 500 clients and 20 years of experience – Fair, Trustworthy, and Competent.

Conley Law LLC, led by Jeffrey Conley is a small family and domestic law office dedicated to providing personalized, quality, value-based legal services for the Denver Metro area.

With over 500 clients over the past 20 years, our success is measured by providing a real benefit and value to you, and truly assisting with your legal problem. Conley Law LLC  has a 5-star rating on Avvo, the most trusted legal directory and rating site, and received the 10 Best Award from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys for Colorado in 2018.

Whether a delicate family matter or other legal issues, Conley Law LLC uses value-based billing as the foundation of their fee structure. This is the ethical principle of only doing necessary work for clients, negotiating fairly and openly with other attorneys to try to resolve disputes, not padding bills, and communicating about fees in a straight-forward manner. This approach benefits clients in so many ways that go beyond their legal investment. Like his clients, Jeffrey Conley has needed legal advice in the past and like you he imagines you want to pay for the lawyer, not the polish. Conley Law LLC ‘s practice is managed carefully to keep costs down and use value-based billing.

Jeffrey Conley’s firm is nimble and adaptable – early morning and late evening appointments are available as needed.

For good reason, many clients that need family law assistance prefer a smaller, personalized firm over a large, lavish firm – after all, these are personal matters and you need to work with someone you can trust and that cares about your case.

After over 20 years of local, focused practice, Conley Law LLC knows that clients are best served by knowing upfront what it will cost, and being as involved as they want to be.

Conley Law LLC is fair, trustworthy, and competent. 

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 “Jeff has the patience and experience to deal with difficult family situations, including domestic violence issues. He really helped us. I recommend him.”  C.S., Greenwood Village, CO

“Jeff Conley has helped me with a several legal matters in the last 10 years, including advice on estate planning and a variety of real estate transactions – some which got pretty sticky. He is honest, approachable, and upfront with his billing – I appreciate that.”  S.M., Centennial, CO

 “I was pretty upset over some legal problems we had with a neighbor. Jeff Conley was calm and helped put things into perspective. This problem went on for a while and it felt good to have someone in my corner that I could talk to.”   T.C., Denver, CO

 “I had Jeff look over my leasing agreements before I sent it to my perspective rental tenant. He caught a couple issues and added a section to protect me. It all took about an hour. Just like that, he emailed me the corrected document. I was surprised it was so easy and not a big drawn-out project with added meetings and fees”   L.M., Littleton, CO