Child Custody & Support

Protecting Children.

Conley Law LLC has helped over 500 clients with their family law challenges. Led by Jeff Conley, this office has a depth of experience dealing with child custody, child support, parenting time, and parental rights legal problems. These issues are often contentious.  Every effort is made to take a logical and calm approach, and to reduce the negative impact of divorce on the parties and their children.

Conley Law LLC can also manage issues relating to non-married couples, non-traditional marriages, and common law marriage.  These can be more complex, and working with an attorney you trust is important.

“Jeff represented my girls and I back in the late 90’s. He was moral and ethical, which made him even more great as a Family Law Attorney. My case was not an easy one nor did it end with just one court appearance. Every time the absent parent took me to court, Jeff prevailed. If you want quality representation with realistic and positive results. He is the person you should hire. God blessed us with him and I will be eternally grateful.” R.V. -Denver, CO

Areas of Practice.

Child Custody, Child Support, Child Protection, Domestic Violence & Protection Orders, Post-Decree Modification, Visitation, Guardianship, Paternity, Grandparent Rights, Parent Relocation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Special Cases.

Child Support is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Child support does not always directly correlate with the terms of parenting time and parental responsibility (custody) agreements. In Colorado, child support is based on gross income before taxes and deductions and follows a guideline formula dictated by state laws and statutes. In addition, the child support requires parents to share costs for the following types of expenses based in proportion to their income: health care, day care, and agreed or ordered extra-curriculum activities. Feel free to look at the child support calculator worksheet linked below.

Child Support Calculator Worksheet


  1. In 51% of the cases, both parents agreed that mom be the custodial parent. In 29% of the cases, the decision was made without any third party (or judge) involvement.
  2. 17.5 % of custodial parents are fathers.
  3. 11% of custody cases were decided during mediation with as few as 5% being decided after court ordered custody evaluations.
  4. 74.1 % of custodial parents who were due child support in 2013 received either full or partial payments and fewer than 45.6 % received full payments.
  5. 68.5 % of the $32.9 billion in child support due in 2013 was reported as received, averaging $3,950 per year per custodial parent who was due support.
Source: and US Census Bureau 2013 report