Common Law & Nontraditional Marriage

Listening Carefully for Results.

Common Law:  Although you can be in a marriage by common law in Colorado, it is a myth you must live together for seven years.

Common law marriage is established by a couple exhibiting their intent to be married.  This is established by analyzing a number of factors.  If common law marriage is a concern, Conley Law LLC encourages couples to think carefully about their relationship.  Common Law marriage is evidenced by conduct, commingling of finances, declarations on forms such as tax returns and health insurance forms, use of surnames, holding out to others as being married, and other related factors. Note: If you live in a common law state, like Colorado, and don’t want your relationship to become a common law marriage which ends in a divorce, both parties must be clear that it is never your intention not to marry.

Nontraditional Marriage: Love comes in many forms and some couples are less traditional than others yet need the same respect and rights. The Supreme Court has expanded the legal parameters of what we think of as a marriage, and our society has evolved in our cultural understanding.  Conley Law LLC is experienced and able to manage new marriage definitions, agreements, and divorce in this area.