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Value-Based Billing.

Conley Law LLC uses value-based billing as the foundation of its fee structure. This is the ethical principle of only doing necessary work for clients, negotiating fairly and openly with other attorneys to try to resolve disputes, not padding bills, and communicating about fees in a straight-forward manner. This approach benefits clients in so many ways that go beyond their legal investment. Like his clients, Jeffrey Conley has needed legal advice in the past and like you, he imagines you want to pay for the lawyer, not the polish. Conley Law LLC ‘s practice is managed carefully to keep costs down and use value-based billing.


  1. Working Introductory Meeting: At Conley Law LLC, you make an initial 30-minute appointment to talk about your case for no fee. Sometimes at this meeting, clients come prepared with specific questions prepared and can get quick answers and they are done. Boom. For other clients, that introductory meeting answers their basic questions, gives them a sense of comfort, and an understanding of next steps. Clients can decide what they need.  Limited or traditional representation is available.  Either way, there is value received without the sales process taking up valuable client time. Legal matters can weigh on a person, so Conley Law LLC has found it best to skip the “sales pitch” and just get to work.
  2. Limited Representation*: [no retainer, $250.00/hr., this fee is paid in full at time of service] Think of this as a short-term or pay as you go project. Limited representation has limited scope and is perfect for contract review/writing, basic negotiations, help with the legal process, and simple wills.  This project has a specific set of agreed-to representation, agreed-to time range, and agreed-to deadline.
  3. Traditional Representation*: [a retainer is paid at the time of signed service agreement and an estimated range is discussed based on known case facts, $250/hr for legal representation, $80/hr for an assistant, fees are documented periodically.
  4. Emergency Representation*: [a retainer is paid at the time of signed service agreement and an estimated range is discussed based on known case facts, $300/hr for emergency legal representation (after business hours, not scheduled emergencies and/or involving the authorities/court system). Fees are collected at the time of service.

Flexible Appointments.

For some clients in the metro area, driving is a problem, traffic is an issue, or time is a major consideration. Conley Law LLC offers a variety of flexible appointments that are mid-day, early in the morning, and after work. These are all considered “regular appointments”.

Conley Law LLC also can travel to a location by your home or workplace. These are “personalized appointments.”  NOTE – Personalized appointments made away from the firm’s office are limited to areas of South Denver, Cherry Hills, Englewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, and Highlands Ranch only. A $20.00 surcharge is added and paid at the time of the appointment.

1720 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 1100 (close to I-25 and Colorado Blvd.) Denver, CO  80222



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