Legal Review to Save Time and Money.

In addition to other matters, Conley Law LLC can manage a variety of business legal matters.

Conley Law LLC recognizes that not every legal need is the same, and not everyone needs to hire a lawyer full-time.  Instead, some clients like to do a lot of the work themselves and have a trusted attorney review it and offer an opinion. Other clients just want some legal advice on basic business negotiations, the formation of a business entity,  or other business related matters.

Areas of Practice.

If you have a question regarding representation in a business matter, please call.  The best way to address your specific needs is to have a conversation about it.


“Jeff Conley has helped me with several legal matters in the last 10 years, including advice on estate planning and a variety of real estate transactions – some which got pretty sticky. He is honest, approachable, and upfront with his billing – I appreciate that.”  S.M., Centennial, CO

 “I was pretty upset over some legal problems we had with a neighbor. Jeff Conley was calm and helped put things into perspective. This problem went on for a while and it felt good to have someone in my corner that I could talk to.”   T.C., Denver, CO

 “I had Jeff look over my leasing agreements before I sent it to my perspective rental tenant. He caught a couple of issues and added a section to protect me. It all took about an hour. Just like that, he emailed me the corrected document. I was surprised it was so easy and not a big drawn-out project with added meetings and fees”   L.M., Littleton, CO

 “Years ago I was actively recruited from my long-term job to join a new company. It all seemed on the up and up but soon I found out it wasn’t. I gave up everything – pension, years of service, seniority, to make this change and it was a fraud. Jeff helped to work through the legal issues and get past it. I still hate thinking about it, but was really satisfied with the result Jeff got for me.”   J.M., Denver, CO